Meet the Team

WannaGoYo is the evolution of a brother and sister's dream to be professional Power Rangers and own a Power Ranger based company. (Of course, we were around the age of 10 at the time, but should the opportunity present itself...being Power Rangers is still a lifelong dream!)

All joking aside, WannaGoYo is a passion. It is a passion to use the talents we've been blessed with, a passion to pursue the things we love, a passion to be in control of our own livelihood, and a passion to seize every single day.

With that, we know that every business is not just a means of making money or getting rid of a product, but that each business is a passion, a vision, and a dream. WannaGoYo was created and founded because it excites us to provide businesses with a partner that understands that businesses are more than just a bottom line.

Ranger Micah Ranger Micah